Letter From KV 1

Dear Loyal LOOT Lifestyle fan base,

I want to say first and foremost I apologize. I apologize for not giving you more, I apologize for loosing my focus, I apologize for not making the hype. I am aware of my lack of products this past year and although there have been steps to move forward what has been out there to the public has no shown signs of the progression we once had. However in life things happen and they happen for a reason so I am confident that everything that slowed us down was meant to be. 

On a more positive note there is much potential for us to fulfill and we are taking steps toward that direction. It will take us time to execute our plan properly but when we do it will sure be worth the wait. We are planning on going back to one of our company roots which is video making. We want to keep  the thought of visual displays to show our clothing as we always have in the past and believe we are pioneers in fashion lifestyle videos and short films. We also believe we our pioneers in the new era of fashion in which there are no trends and our company follows what we want to wear everyday solely based on our own ideology not on what the market predicts will bring the most revenue nor what Hollywood is wearing. It's a completely organic brand that has grown and created its own life with little capital. Our goal is to encourage people to chase their most treasured goals. Our style will forever remain elusive. We make what we want.

LOOT Lifestyle is here for good. 

Special thanks to Marie Nelson our wonderful accountant, Justin Martinelli our dope web intern, Lionel Bernard one of our biggest supporters, Kaleel Jones who has copped every drop without asking for a price break ever, Jerkface for being himself, and My mother, sister and father.



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