Hello All, 

I want to first start off by saying thank you to all of those who continue to support our movement because you truly inspire me to continue. I want to say that we want you to the understand the approach we take in cultivating our media and products is done in an authentic, organic and raw manner. However we are well in tune with culture here at Letting Out Our Thoughts and about as advanced as any in terms of trend analysis and prediction. In the next coming months we will be working more elaborately to strengthen our apparel production, develop more polished content and once again begin asserting our international presence. We hope you help us grow and we hope we help you feel comfortable, at-ease and unique. Understand our movement is more than the apparel it's about empowering people all around the world to chase what you want most in life. I will update this with news about the brand as often as I can to keep everyone adrift. 


Kenneth Vera

CEO of LOOT Lifestyle

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